Welcome, Hero, to WoW University!

Welcoming all players for Shadowlands

WoW University is a community of players interested in learning how to master World of Warcraft.
We welcome all players who want to defeat the most challenging content in Shadowlands, including raids and mythic+ key progression.

Don't settle for just watching streams and wiping endlessly in PUGs - experience hardcore raids and Mythic+ 15 keys firsthand!

Join WoW University for...

  • Weekly raids with explanations of each boss encounter and important mechanics for normal/heroic difficulty
  • Scheduled Mythic+ progression groups for players of all skill levels
  • Guided events where we explore seasonal WoW content like holidays and timewalking
  • Community-driven player events to explore other aspects of WoW such as PvP, legacy content, and achievement / transmog hunting
  • and more!

Cross-realm progression groups will begin with the launch of the new expansion, and we welcome players to the official <WoW University> guild on Mal'Ganis - Horde (US).

We host scheduled raid and mythic dungeon runs lead by endgame-experienced players who will teach you the tactics and mechanics needed to beat the hardest bosses WoW has to offer.

Whether you're an experienced endgame player, a returning WoW veteran, or a new player looking to join in the fun, join WoW University today and learn how to master your class and be a hardcore player. Join us in Discord to get started!

About WoW University

WoW University was founded at the end of BFA by Mythic-experienced raiders who were bored of the traditional hardcore WoW raid guild structure. The concept of WoW U is simple - a community where veteran, returning, and brand new players group up to tackle endgame content with a focus on teaching the mechanics, tactics, and role skills needed to clear heroic raids and Mythic 15 keys.

We're starting a 'soft opening' beginning in early October with the release of the 9.0.1 pre-patch. Major recruitment will begin the weekend before Shadowlands. We'll be hosting small events starting with the Death Rising event, and our first major 'education' event will be leading up to the Castle Nathria raid (releasing Nov 10).


We're a new community focused on expanding our playerbase and building a solid foundation of players for Shadowlands and beyond. Most of our activity will be in Discord and in-game but we're continuously working towards more player engagement in other areas as well.